April 2, 2010

Sweet Sunday Sketch Winner

Hello and Happy Friday!!  I'm here to announce this week's winner.  Random.org has chosen - get this - #63 (out of 63 entries!)

Lee Pelosi!!

I am in LOVE with this darling little fairy and her cute little flower.  The satin ribbon really gives some fun texture with the dotted background.  Love it!!  You can see more of Lee's wonderful card on her blog, Lulla's L-ink - stop on by and say hello!

On an not so stamping note - I was bound and determined to finish my photography assignment today, and in the process got these shots that I loved...

My princess with her little princess.

Having fun in spite of the cold, breezy afternoon.

This one is one I picked for my assignment - love his sad little look.

.....and we're done.  Time to go home...

See you back soon!


  1. Great choice for a winner! And I love your photography and your subjects! The last one is a winner IMO!!! :-)

  2. I agree with Lisa, I love that shot! Thankyou ramdom.org for picking my card! What a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning :) I'm off to buy a lotto ticket now!

    Happy Easter everyone.

    Lee x

  3. Hurray # 63. I really like the look of that background. The image is cute too.

  4. Fantastic card - really lovely!

    Your photos are amazing! I have tried over the years to improve my skills but to no avail! I just don't have the natural touch at it like you!

  5. Ahhhhh, he looks so contemplative! I like the long shot on the wall too though.

  6. Ohhhh, what sweet pictures of the little ones!

  7. Fantastic pics. You have one very cute little man there x

  8. Hey Karen,

    I love your photographs! great pictures! may i know what camera are you using? I love the blurry background.

  9. Love your beautiful pictures. The one of your little guy crying is too sweet. Now that my kids are a little older I look back on those photos and the ones where they are crying always melts my heart. Sometimes, they make me laugh. You have inspired me to throw ( not actually) my camera in the car and take more pictures of my goofy offspring before they are all grown up.