April 27, 2010

Birthday RAK's

Hello, and happy Tuesday.  I'm sitting here watching LOST - love, LOVE, Lost - it's a repeat episode though.  The one with Richard.  Yum.  Anyway...  I had all my birthday cards on display, so I thought I'd show you the handmade cards that arrived in my happy mail box this past week.

This sweet card is from Vera Schoeters - my fellow Great Swaps Girl.  I love the stamped inside - delish!

This beauty is from Karen Motz - Love the polka dot coffee mug!  

I love this little girl  - she reminds me of my sweet little Katie with 2 little ponytails.  This is from Jackie Pedro.

And this gorgeous card traveled the furthest - all the way from Australia, from Sarah-Jane Kale'.

Lynn Put sent me this darling SSSC card - love those ice cream cones, and of course the pink and brown.

This one is from Stephanie Peters, my very sweet side-line when I was a SU demo.  Miss those stamping nights...  Love the negative image of the scallop punch - very clever!

And last but definitely not least is this darling, amazing and beautiful card from my darling daughter - I love her backwards p's.  So cute - recognize the fun little stencil?  She's been eyeballing that since the day it arrived in my mailbox, lol!

Thanks for stopping by - see you back soon!


  1. Oooohh... Look at all this FABULOUS Eye Candy. GORGEOUS!!!
    Soooo glad your card arrived in one piece.. although the flutterby's may have required a little fluffing.

    xx SJ

  2. What a variety of gorgeous cards to spoil you rotten :)

  3. Glad you feel loved and appreciated :D What a treasure that last card from your daughter is. I have a box I keep all the cards my kids have made me for my Birthday and Mother's day. Wonderful treasures for a mother's heart. Thanks for sharing these with us :D

  4. Happy Birthday my sweet friend! Hope all your birthday wishes come true!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Karen! I love the card your daughter made for you ... it's priceless. xo, Marian

  6. How lucky are you to get all those great homemade cards and of course my favorite it the last one, so very sweet.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday,Karen! I picked you for a Sunshine Award! Go to
    my blog and pick it up! Congrats!

  8. The little girl one is SO cute! I always loved RAKs, what a great way to share extras and save money, and spread around some inspiration too!