April 26, 2010


Just fair warning for you - this post has nothing to do with stamping or anything crafty, just pure American baseball.  My very sweet MIL scored us some amazing tickets to Saturday's Rockies game, and as it turned out, it was a double-header, so we got two games in these amazing seats - only 7 rows back from the dugout.  I brought along my camera to keep practicing in that crazy manual mode and I wanted to share some pictures here - I think I found my calling - Karen Giron, Sports photographer.  Nice.  I think it fits.  Of course I may be about $30K short on equipment, but what are ya gonna do?

Click on the pictures to see a larger (and crisper) image...

We started off by scoring FREE rock star parking right across from Coors Field - loving my day already.  Not to mention it's the first time the sun was shining in 3 days - Happy Birthday to me!!

So here we are in the first game - Todd Helton at 1st base chatting it up with somebody Collins from the Florida Marlins.  I think they're talking about me, the crazy chick taking all the pictures...

Foul tip - Tulowitzki aka "Tulo".

Ah, this guy.  You can't watch baseball and not see a bunch of "grabbing" but this guy... he grabbed himself about 5 times as part of his batting routine every time he came up to bat.  This just made me giggle, so I had to post it.

Call to the bull pen - Sorry Greg, but you stunk it up!

Don't you DARE let that hose touch that sacred gravel - LOL!  Another one that just makes me laugh - how many big guys does it take to carry a hose...

They ran the fountains between games since we didn't get any homeruns in the first game.  Just practicing my "show movement" assignment - right Sarah?

Now we're in the 2nd game - much better pitching this go 'round.


....and out at home.

Well, thanks for humoring me with all this baseball business.  See you back soon for all things crafty!


  1. Great pictures Karen...I'm with you on being about $30K short on sports equipment...looked at a new zoom lens after taking Maggie Holmes class and becoming addicted to my camera...ouch!!! Glad you had great weather for the games!

  2. I think your photos do show your great photo abilities. I bet you can make some money on these.

  3. Baseball is my most favorite sport to watch....only we're A's fans.....nothing like going to the ballpark!! Your pics are fab....You have no idea how much I appreciate your humor!!

  4. Wow, great seats and AMAZING photos. Thanks for sharing!

  5. How fun :D Love the hose picture LOL! I'm betting those "nut cups" are a good cause for all the grabbing LOL! Glad you had a beautiful day to enjoy the games.

  6. LOL! You want to go and say to the guy, "Yes, it's still there and yes it's yours!"

  7. Karen: I've been to games there and it is one of the best places to practice fotog! Love your pix and you show real talent!

  8. Your pictures are really good, in spite of the fact that your Rockies are now playing against my Diamondbacks!! I enjoyed every one of your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    Terre Munk

  9. One of your MANY callings I think!!!... LOVE your 'movement' photo... very, very CLEVER... :D. How much fun is THAT big lens.. huh... I told you it was fun. hahaha.
    Awesome pics.

    xx Sarah

  10. You're quite the photographer, Karen! Even though I'm not a baseball fan, I love your photos. You got some great shots!
    Sounds like you had a great time. :)

  11. Fab photography! You do a great job in my humble opinion! There's one action shot you missed, however, and that's the spitting! LOL! Every baseball game I watch seems to include frequent projectile saliva shots!

  12. Hi Karen... Great shots! Great seats! The 'grab' shot is my favorite. Sure do love me some baseball players. :)

  13. Great photo's and it sounds like you had a fabulous time. I'm not much of a Baseball Fan but your pictures turned out beautifully. Had to chuckle at the "grabbing" photo.

  14. I'm absolutely not a sports fan - sorry. But I liked your commentary and your pics turned out fabulously.

  15. Fantastic photos Karen. I discovered baseball when I was an exchange student in Japan many years ago. When we moved to Denver last year I of course had to take my fam to see the Rockies at Coors Field and now they are all fans too - yay! And when we went - it took 6 guys to hold the hose - made us giggle too!

  16. Thanks for posting these pics! I was actually watching this game on t.v. I probably saw you when the camera man zoomed to that side!! I think that we watch ALL the Rockies games on t.v. if we possibly can. Can't wait till this summer when we will be making the trip out to see them in person! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!


  17. Wow, Karen - absolutely great pictures! What kind of camera do you have? I need to get a new camera and sure would love to be able to take pictures like these!
    If you have a sec, I sure would love the camera info.

  18. Wonderful photos! I spent many days sitting in that ballpark. I'm so homesick for Denver now. Thanks for sharing! :)