March 21, 2011

My 365 Project | Week 9 & 10

I'm combining weeks 9 and 10 on this page since I only took one photo in week 9 {the bubble} and week 10 only has 3!  Slacker.  The 365 website I use numbers each photo you take instead of numbering the day on which you took it, so I may remake these pages so there aren't any blanks.  I don't know.  I'm back on track now though, whew! 


Day 55: Spring Preview
Today was the most gorgeous almost-spring day and the kids were so excited to get out and play and run around and just be flat out crazy. I was pretty excited too. Time to get out the bubbles - LOVE my son's expression as he's trying to race down the bubble to pop it before the wind sweeps it away.
You may have noticed I've fallen off of the 365 Project planet - wow. Boy have I ever failed in getting anything photograped for a long, long time and I feel terrible! I'm such a slacker and the motivation was sucked out of me. I hope to get back on track here!!!
Day 56: Start 'em Young
I lost my old iPod Nano, so I just *had* to go buy myself a new Touch. I don't have one of those fancy iPhones and I'm SO excited to use aps! I'm in with the real world now, baby! My daughter grabbed this and is now completely hooked on Tiny Wings. Can't say I blame her really. Mine is Angry Birds. I shall get a photo of that crazy addiction tomorrow *wink*
Day 57: Time to Myself
The best thing about stealing away with a good book is the quiet - ahhh, that precious time of night when the kids are in bed and the house is quiet {I'll ignore the sounds of March Madness coming from the living room} and I get to go somewhere else, follow along in someone else's life and run away for a bit. Of course, I always go somewhere that has a great mystery to solve with lots of twists and turns along the way.
Day 58: Friday Night Pizza
It's family night and that usually means a trip to a local mom & pop pizza place called Justine's. Mmmm. Best pizza ever! And is it right that her drink is bigger than her face? The best part about our pizza tradition is we bring along a game to play while we wait. Love those family moments and I'm hoping this tradition stays alive as long as the pizza place stays in business.
That's it this time.  Short and sweet.


  1. I love your 56th Day. I also got the Tiny Wings and the Angry Birds applications on my phone and I am excited about them. Unfortunately I don't have so much time to play!

  2. Loved your pictures! Don't be so hard on yourself, you are doing a great job. Your pictures are so creative! You should have your kids take a pic of you and your hubby once in awhile so that you'll be in the album, also!