March 16, 2011

My 365 Project | Week 8

I had to get fancy with my layout for week 8 since I slacked and didn't take photos on 2 of the days.  Just wait 'til you see next week!  haha! 

Day 50: Girls Weekend
So this would be a photo to help remind me that I need lots more practice at indoor photos {read: carry a tripod with me at all times??} but since I was an idiot and forgot to bring my camera with me when we were walking around Denver in the daylight, this is what I have. Six of us moms took the weekend off from being mom and we treated ourselves to martinis and Maggianos. Mmm... Cheers!
Day 51: This next move is gonna be killer!
I actually took this photo on Tuesday and back-filled it for Sunday since I didn't have any photos from the day, despite going to a birthday party - sheesh.

My son, he's the ultimate game lover, and bless his heart, he tried to teach me this game. We ended up just moving pieces around and then gave up. It's one of his daddy's games that I haven't learned yet. Also, his little face still has marker on it from craft time in his class. I'm such a good mom.
Day 52: Up a Tree
We have this little nest in our tree out front and it is surviving our windy winter. There was one last year too, but it met a terrible end by blowing away. It's much too high to take photos of the nest later in the spring when there may be eggs, which is a real bummer. The sky was such a beautiful blue today and I thought it would make a great backdrop.
Day 53: Knob Bokeh
I run the sound and video at our MOPS {Mothers of Preschoolers} group and have always wanted to take a picture of the sound board. It looks way more impressive than what I actually work with, but editing this photo made me want to drive back there and clean these things off - ewww! Purell anyone?
Day 54: Personality Profile?
If you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, then should you judge a personality by the book one chooses? I think so - I can see my kiddos in each of these books they picked up today. Fancy Nancy - my princess. Baby Brains and RoboMom - has to be that boy; anything with brains and robots. Bunnicula - yep, the first born. Don't forget me. Can you guess?
That's it for this week, now my days don't match up with the days of the year.  Oops!  It's ok - really, it is...
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  1. I've really enjoyed seeing this project unfold - it's starting to feel "do-able" so I'll probably jump in soon - better late than ... well you know.

  2. I always look forward to these posts because I just know you are going to come up with some interesting subjects for your photos. Who would have though to take a picture of a "Sound Board" but it's quite unique. Love the look of concentration on your son's face while he's playing the game. Keep up the great work.