March 7, 2011

My 365 Project | Week 7

I've completely dropped the ball on my 365 Project. Grrr. I forgot to post my week 7 project on my blog, so it's just a wee bit late.  Week 8 is full of holes.  Week 9 is even worse.  Ooopss! I'll get back on the wagon - it's starting to snow here this morning and I cannot tell you how ready for spring I am, not only for taking photos, but just to get outside and get active again.  Lazy weekends under a cozy blanket drinking hot drinks are not good for the waist line.  haha!  Anyway, enough of my babbling - here's what happened in week 7.

Day 43: The Celebration Continues
Today we had my son's birthday party with all of the family and my husband made this adorable dinosaur cake, complete with cupcake dino eggs too. I love the expression of joy and anticipation on his face and how he is just sucked into the moment.

I can't take credit for designing the cake, we found it here:

Day 44: Flare
I am not feeling quite myself today, seems we've been passing something around the house this week. Needless to say, I didn't pick up my camera and once the kids went to bed, I just crashed on the couch. Enter - the filler photo. This one is from December when I was just taking some meter photos to get the exposure right on the fence before the family I was taking pictures of got into place. It's my first sun flare shot and I really like the natural tones of the landscape. Everything here is brown in the winter - all dead and dormant. yuck. But it gives beautiful glow when you add backlight.

Day 45: Valentine Strawberries
My wonderful husband decided to get creative with the kids tonight and dip strawberries with them. They each had their own little cup of chocolate and devoured their strawberries in no time at all. He made me this little trio to photograph - love him.
Day 46: More Chocolate
It's Girl Scout cookie time! We just had 4 boxes delivered this afternoon and they are not going to last long. I debated whether or not I should break the seal, but for the sake of art, I ripped into a box of Tagalongs - chocolate covered peanut butter... mmmm... The odd thing is I packed them back up in the box after I took the photo and drank the milk. What?? I think I'm still on a sugar high from the birthday cake and chocolate strawberries from the past 2 days.
Day 47: The Crazies
It's almost a full moon - just a sliver short I'd say. Time for the crazies to come out and play, oooh!! I haven't taken a photo of the moon yet and thought it was about time I did.
Day 48: King
My oldest had a day off from school, so we packed up the car and headed to the zoo. The weather was about 55 degrees, which felt warm at the time, and this beautiful lion was sunning himself on a rock, catching a little snooze. I just want to reach out and scratch him behind the ears! Love him.
Day 49: Unmotivated...
So, this is a lame photo. I know. But I thought it was funny that instead of making crafty things, which I HAVE to do tonight, I'm playing Free Cell. Over and over and over again. No motivation. None. Nada. Lame. So there.
Thanks for allowing me to share this mighty project with you - see you back soon for all things crafty!


  1. What type of camera do you use? We are in the market for one and I can't decide. I want it to take pictures of our daily life, scrapbook pictures, cards I make, also I love to take random pictures... and frame them. Thanks,
    Nicole J.

  2. Huge congrats to your hubby for making the dino cake!! Love it! Your little guys is stinkin' cute too :) Fabulous lion picture and I had a good giggle at the computer game issue. Another fabulous set of pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us :)

  3. I LOVE your Day 49 photo! It's excellent!