March 28, 2011

My 365 Project | Week 11

I'm getting back in the groove - only one missed day for week 11.  I'm getting the itch back, finally, and it's a good thing I have crafty things to fall back on, haha!

Day 59: Inky Fingers
Cardmaking is a hobby of mine. A sweet hobby that turned into my 'work' - I need a sign "I work for stamps!" I absolutely love transforming cardstock and ribbon and buttons and rhinestones into one sweet little pretty card. I just try not to picture what happens to these precious creations after they are given away. I'm sure people frame them and cherish them forever, not toss them in the trash bin, right?

Day 60: Library only has ONE 'R'...
my daugher says. Now, I realize she's being difficult and stubborn - arguing just to argue, but now I have proof that I'm right, see? So there!

Day 61: Hopscotch
I couldn't decide which hopscotch photo I wanted to upload, but I liked this one of big brother watching little sister have a go at hopscotch on our sidewalk. It was SO beautiful outside today and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, so we'll be heading outside again. It was nice to get out in the fresh air this afternoon, most definitely.

**I also like that my daughter is wearing ALL the colors of the rainbow today - those green sparkly shoes really tie in the bright yellow jacket with her Christmas plaid dress...

Day 62: OM-NOM-NOM
Yep - the scone monster was here today. She devoured everything except the napkin. My daughter. Love her.

Day 63: Ben & Jerry's
What do you do when the temperature creeps up into the 60's? Go grab some ice cream, of course! I took the littlest kids to Ben & Jerry's for a little treat today and they quickly put their jackets back on when the brain freeze soaked in. Rainbow sprinkles make me ache for summer.

Day 64: ...are you the snake??
Had a little friend over this afternoon for a cut-throat game of Guess Who. His concentration could not be broken.

Thanks again for your kind words and support on this project!  I need all the cheering I can get :)


  1. I wish I could give your little guy a huge hug - he is too stinkin' cute :) Fabulous array of pictures once again. Keep them coming!

  2. LOVE you LO!!! Thanks for sharing ... xxx

  3. LOVE your weekly photos!!! These are all superb Karen!!!

  4. I love seeing your photos and reading the commentary for each one. They are all great!

  5. I love your little collage of photos, what fun times!

  6. Ah another great week of photo's.
    Your kids are just darling. Coleen likes to use all the colors of the rainbow from time to time when she gets dressed as well so I had to chuckle over that photo.

  7. These are all wonderful! Love your collage!

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