February 26, 2010

Slightly Distracted

I've been distracted. Distracted by her.

And this little one.

And these little cuties.
...the kids, not the chickens.

Why all the distraction, you ask?

Because of her.


  1. jealous. So, so jealous. My Canon digital rebel (that I've had for almost 6 yrs now) has been acting up and I think it's time for an upgrade...you're KILLIN' me with this. But seriously, you know that with your ability to take phenomenal photos now you HAVE to start digi scrapping!!! LOL.

  2. She's WONDERFUL isn't she?????? Can't wait for for a Niki.. playdate.. hahaha

    xx SJ

  3. *grin*
    and my little person has those penguin jammies too! :)

  4. Oh! that's a wow!!!! I admit I'm such a duh!!! My hubby wanted to buy that once & I was a total ignorant of that piece & its magic.... I repent..... That is a sheer magic.... like your works.....


  5. A wonderful distraction. I am thoroughly obsessed with mine, which happens to be the exact same one.

    Great photos! Check out www.aminus3.com, a photoblog on the web for amateurs as well as pros. Lots of fellow photo geeks sharing their passion.

    A fellow cardmaker and photo geek.


  6. Ooooh!!! fun fun FUN!! I LOVE my Nikon DSLR, and it looks like you do too!!! he kids are completely adorable!!! (and so are the chickens!)