February 14, 2011

My 365 Project | Week 6

Hi!  AND happy Valentine's Day!!  I'm back with another 365 page and I am SO appreciative of your kind words through this project and I'm so happy you are enjoying the photography.  It's always tricky since this is really a stamping blog, but with stamping comes photography when we take pictures of all of our little projects.  I'm glad they seem to flow smoothly.  Anyway, here is my week - enjoy!

Day 36: Another Craft Week
I've been making cards all week long and so it seems only appropriate to take a photo of buttons. Lovely buttons. I'm hitting a wall with my project and I hope to rise over it soon! My motivation to find unique things to photograph is dwindling and I keep reminding myself that I'm doing this project to keep a photo journal of life at home - my hobbies, the kids, our routine. Oh yes, that routine. I think that is where I'm getting stuck - same old thing day after day... help!
Day 37: Driving
Today we drove to Grandma's {the kids' Grandma's} house to watch the Super Bowl and as we were passing by the dormant farmland, I noticed how dark the mountains looked with the storms overhead. I did want it to feel like we were driving along in the photo, so I allowed some motion blur in the fields, but I love how the mountains in the background are still. That would be Long's Peak in the background, only 14,259 ft (4,346 m) high.
Day 38: 5!
Today is my son's birthday - the big number 5! And to celebrate, he was ever so disgusted by having to take a picture of the occasion. So I got one shot. I still like it, although I wish he were smiling a bit instead of looking extremely irritated.. Little goof.
Day 39: DP with a Twist.
It's how I drink my soda - I HAVE to turn the tab. You know, otherwise the tab rubs on your nose, right? Who's with me?
Day 40: ...but it's FREEZING!
I caught this photo on her way out the door for school and boy do I feel the same way. It was COLD this morning. Moments later our neighbor came to pick her up - no walking to school in below zero temps :)
Day 41: Flawed.I took about 500 photos {OK, maybe closer to 300} of dripping water today and got ONE sharp droplet. Then the sun went away and hope was lost for the day. So here you go, the ONE successful shot of the bunch.
I absolutely adore this shot - the blues, the pattern of the quilt makes the droplet look irregular. I'm in awe of this technique and now I have an even deeper appreciation of these droplet shots. I used my 55-200m lens for this one and cropped the heck out of it. Still waiting for the macro fairy to arrive with a bucket of gold...

Day 42: Hangin' in there
Our little extra rose is opening up beautifully and I am very thankful to have such a pretty color to shoot today since we're stuck in the house with a little one who is feeling not quite himself. Seems like we've turned the corner and he'll be back to his old, silly self in a while - he better, his birthday party is tomorrow!
Here is the first photo: http://365project.org/kgphotography/365/2011-02-04.
That's it for week 6 - thanks for stopping by -


  1. I hope your hubby has a BIG shortgun and has begun digging a moat around your house as your daughter has killer gorgeous eyes!! Fabulous mountain shot makes me want to go skiing and I absolutely LOVE the water picture!!!!

  2. I just love the way you look at things with your camera lense. You say your life is humdrum everyday and you are looking for creative ways to take pictures for a year of your life. Why not take pictures of the every day stuff. Have you thought of ever doing a laundry picture of neatly folded towels, or the grocery bags in the back of the car or the recently filled pantry cupboard after a grocery store run. Or even the mess on the counter from making supper. With your creative eye I'm sure you'll find something in the everyday to photograph and I look forward to these posts every week.

  3. I love your photo project! I check back every week and I just peaked at your other photo website. Gorgeous photo. I have a photoblog on Aminus3 and have been playing around with new photoediting software. So much fun! You have a very creative eye!

  4. While I don't comment every week, I love your weekly inspirational photos!

  5. All the pictures are beautiful, as always, but the droplet of water is absolutely amazing!

  6. I turn my tabs as well!!

    Love your blog : )

  7. Hi there Karen,
    Just popping over to let you know have finally put your watermarks on my blog see the first post with them on, see here:


    Thanks so much for them and had the help of a friend to help me layer it right... was too dumb to get it, but it is easy-peasy now with Gimp, thanks so much do love them and put a link to your blog on next post saying where I had them from so folks know where to go.. am so happy to have them! thank you!
    Shaz in oz.x

  8. Another awesome job with your photo's. I just love the different things you take pictures of and how interesting you make even the ordinary seem. Keep up the good work.

  9. Love your all your photos, you managed to make the the ordinary look interesting, and what a great project to look back on. Love the colour of that rose. And the single droplet is beautiful. As are your kids.

    Hugs Carol xx

  10. I so look forward to these posts of yours, Karen. That water droplet -- WOW! You're an inspiration to me! :)