February 7, 2011

My 365 Project | Week 5

Hello again!  My blog is quite busy lately and I love that!  I'm back with my next installment of 365Project and I can't say that I'm super excited about all of these photos, but that is what makes me grow and challenge myself, right?  I hope you enjoy them.

Day 29: Braving the Rapids. 
Tonight was game night: Niagara.

I've been to Niagara Falls and for the life of me, I cannot remember these gigantic gems sitting atop the waterfall. Did I miss them? Hmm...

I was Katie's partner. Somehow our poor yellow boat plummeted over the waterfall more times than I care to remember, but she was bound and determined to get those Pinky Pink gems. Love her.

Day 30: Sunrise. 
One advantage of having to get up before the crack of dawn on a Sunday is you have an incredible opportunity to capture the sunrise. As I was leaving the house today, the sun was casting this incredible glow through the native tall grasses as it was peeking over the horizon. I tried to capture it, I'm not entirely sure I *love* this photo, but capturing the perfect sunrise is always a work in progress.

Day 31: Frozen in Time.
Quite a different day than yesterday - remember the golden sunrise, the illusion of warmth? Today we woke up to snow and a whopping 10f degree morning.

These roses are in our front yard and I loved the snow cradled in the petals and leaves {oh how I wish I had a macro lens!}.

Tomorrow's frosty forecast calls for a high of -6f! I think I'll stay in...

Day 32: Crafty.
This is what you take a photo of when you've been working with cardstock, and buttons, and ribbon, and all things crafty all day long.

Day 33: HP.
My daughter begged me to take a picture of her new Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts (love grandparents!) and she had set up this scene and I botched the shot. Oops. Voldemort is a little fuzzy, like he's in one of those Claritin commercials. Poor guy. We were going to go back and try for a better shot, but ran out of light and time. Doh!

Day 34: What to Choose... What to Choose?
We took a little trip to the toy store this afternoon to pick out a gift for his friend's birthday party. So many toys... So little time...

Day 35: Amazed.
Wow... I just learned how to add texture to a photo and I'm completely amazed at the result - it looks like a painting. wow.

Today was Andrew's preschool teacher's birthday and the kids each brought a flower to give to her to complete a bouquet. I thought it was the sweetest idea. This rose was an extra in the bunch we purchased and became my subject today. 


That's it for this week - you can see my ongoing project here.

Thanks for stopping by and all of your incouraging words!  I love them!


  1. The Lego picture made me smile :) My son LOVES those little "Lego dudes" as he calls them and they are everywhere as he enacts a scene with them. Great set of shots :)

  2. I loved the lego picture too! My son is obsessed with that Imaginext Batman cave that he was looking at. Toy store shopping can be an all day event!! Still love seeing all the pictures each week! :)

  3. Hi Karen! I love your site!! and I'm loving your 365 project!:) It really inspires me to try it out sometime (just dunno when I can start..;))

    Could you please teach/share with me how you added the texture for the "Amazed" photo? I really love it!:)

    Thanks and more power to your site!:)

  4. You picyure taking just gets better all the time! Love those flowers.

  5. Loving your photos! I would also like to know how you did the texture on the photo - it does look just like a painting - gorgeous!!

  6. I took a quick peak at this blog entry earlier in the week but didn't really have time to read what the pictures were all about but now I have. I look forward to these posts on your blog because where you find inspiration for the photos I think is really cool. Thank you for sharing your 365 day project.