April 4, 2011

My 365 Project | Week 12

Good morning!  I'm completely back on track with my project, at least for now.  7 photos for you this week.  My week -

Day 65: Waiting for Craig
We went to Denver to see Craig Ferguson's stand-up bit and took a peek in the building a tad early so I could get a photo. Our show didn't start until 10:30, which was a lie, we didn't get in the door until 10:30, so it was a late night, but SO much fun! My cheeks were so sore from laughing - and wow, did I need that! That's my hubby looking in the window. I almost cropped him out...
Day 66: Happy Hour
This photo is from our night out on the town on Saturday. I have so many fun photos and I couldn't pick which one I wanted to upload, so I'm cheating and putting another one here for today.
Day 67: Necessities
Goggles. Can't have a swim lesson without them. He tells me he needs them so he can be fast. I'd believe him if it were not for all the scratches on the lenses - they've been dropped, dragged, stepped on, and I think we've run them over with the wagon a couple of times on the way to the neighborhood pool. He still loves them. Like a good friend.
Day 68: But...
I love taking pictures of the kids when they're trying to explain to me the reasons why I shouldn't take their photo. Hehe. He's telling me his eyes hurt when he smiles. I'm just digging the leftover milk on his face.
Day 69: You know it's spring when...
you get gigantic strawberries from the grocery store! Either that or he's shrinking...
Day 70: Happy Girl
I had the chance to do a little mini-shoot for a friend this afternoon and her daughter was amazing! She's all smiles and did great - happy 9 months little Miss A!
Day 71: Ink Swirls
This idea is hardly an original, but I've been wanting to try it and this week's ink theme gave me the nudge. This is a little jar about 3" high, so I had to work quickly! Love this effect and I knew those SU re-inkers would come in handy some day.
That's it for this week - stay tuned.  Thanks so much for swinging by!


  1. Love your pictures and I am into simplistic pages in my scrapbooking so this is great! Wish I could snap pictures the way u do. My little camera does okay it just the crazy grandma at the other end who cuts peoples heads off!! Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs.

  2. Always enjoy seeing your pictures :) I LOL at the "my eyes hurt when I smile" comment. Gotta love what kids come up with and I can sooo relate to the goggles issue for swimming lessons. Treasured memories...

  3. Another layout full of fabulous photos!!! That strawberry looks DELISH!!!!!!

  4. Again another great grouping of photo's. My pic's are the Huge Strawberry, (I live for local summer berries here) and the My Eyes hurt photo (so cute).