June 17, 2009


I have a quick question and I'm hoping you can help me out. Does anyone know where I can buy square envelopes, 4-1/2" or so? I make 4-1/4" square cards all the time and I'm running out of Stampin' Up!'s square envelopes from the Fresh Cut Notes and don't really want to buy more Notes just for envelopes, KWIM?

{EDITED} Thank you so much! I've never looked in the A*Muse store before, thanks Amy & Kristen. Oh how I wish I lived closer to an Archivers - the closest one is about an hour away. Miss that store... Maria - thanks for the link to the dressed-up envelopes, I will definitely do that when I mail square cards, that is SO cute!
I needed the square envelopes for my Etsy store, so this is all very helpful.

Thanks everyone!


  1. A Muse sells envelopes in that size:

  2. I just use the clear cello envelopes from SU! and fold them down to fit the card and then seal them. Since they already take more postage for being square, I don't usually add more because of the slick envelopes and they get there just fine.

  3. I was going to say the same thing about A Muse. Archivers has quite a variety of envelopes too, try them.

  4. I make the same size cards but I use the standard A2 envelopes but make the envelope decorative using this technique from a blog I read.

  5. I'm so glad that you asked this question. I've been looking myself. I thought I was the only one using the ones from the Fresh Cut notes:) I wish SU would start selling the envelopes in this size. I think the 3 x 3 are too small...

  6. I would try PaperSource. They have a great variety of envelopes. So does clearbags.com.

    Hope this helps!


  7. You can get 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 here:


  8. Flourihes also sells cream colored ones by Jenni Bowlin

  9. Karen, Flourishes sells white and cream coloured envy's in the 4 1/2" square size.