September 13, 2008

my baby is ONE

It has been a busy day in the Giron home today to say the least, but so much fun. It's so nice to see our family and let the cousins all play together. Today we celebrated Katie's birthday and she jumped into that cake so fast and ate more than half of it before I took it away. She was not happy with me, but I think the sugar rush kicked in right about then and she was a crazy baby, crawling at high speed, babbling loudly and making us all laugh. She's the only kiddo of the three to actually dive into the cake without reservation - the other two, well Avery just played with the icing and Andrew wanted no part of it. We thought maybe he just wasn't hungry so Michael put a spoonful of green beans in front of him and he gobbled them down - it's just weird not to eat sugar and then want veggies! Anyway, I got a million great pictures of her with the cake.
Speaking of cake - here it is. Can't say I'm too happy with it; it's one of those cupcake cakes that was SO adorable and had mounds of icing making the butterfly look so cute in the picture and then when I picked it up, this is what was waiting. Does that butterfly's middle remind you of Beetlejuice too?! It's a pretty crazy looking butterfly, but the kids didn't care, they just gobbled it right down after we debated 10 minutes over who would get the face. Yuck.
Recognize the bags? I made some more of these adorable bags to use as party favor bags and you should have heard all the kids, "Wow, Aunt Kiki! These gift bags are extraordinary! They must have taken you hours to make! I'm gonna take this home and keep it forever!!". Nah! You know kids - "What's inside?! Let me tear it open!! Where's the candy?!!". All the mommies and grammas loved them though, so that made my Martha Stewart moment worth it!!
Well, I haven't been able to make anything crafty since Wednesday (well, except the bags of course), but hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow to make a scrapbook page. I'm falling behind on my 'one a week' goal!
See you back soon!


  1. Looks like she enjoyed her cake! She's sooooo sweet! Your butterfly idea is really neat and those party favor bags are awesome!!!
    You we're busy were'nt you???!!!

  2. Just look at all your little goodie bags! They are so cute! Your baby is adorable!!

  3. Everything looks so adorable! And little Katie with her cake. Soooo cute! I'm so bummed that we had to miss it. :(

  4. Very cute cupcake butterfly! Your nickname is Kiki?! So is my Moms!! But her real name is Kristiane. She's been called Kiki since she was little.