June 12, 2008

tiny project gone crazy

Hi there! The past couple of days I have been working on getting a project done for my MOPS group. We are already frantically getting ready for next year because our leadership retreat is in 2 weeks! Anyway, we were trying to figure out a cute way to personalize our leadership bags and we came up with decorating keychains to hang on the zipper. Well, this is what came of it - 25 of them... I think they are so much fun! Our theme is Adventures in Motherhood with a themepark kind of logo, so we went with bright colors and themepark food. The flip side of the keychain is a monogram, for that personal touch. Anyway - no cards today, but I did do something crafty, so I thought I'd share. Now, if you are reading this blog and are at my MOPS group, pretend you didn't see this and be thoroughly surprised on the 28th, k?!


Details -
all the images are clip art from word art and the monogram font is ck applause. the lettering around the clip art was made in photoshop elements and the font is 2p's lighthouse.


  1. Those are so cute! Were you on steering this year? Are you doing it next year? You'd be awesome!

  2. Those are super cute! They would be great to make for my MOPS group here in Florida! Where did you get those keychains?
    Thanks so much for an awesome blog!