June 28, 2008

my crafty space

Welcome to my crafting space! Let me show you around. I still need to hang curtains and pictures and make it more comfy-cozy, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Here is the general view - my craft room is actually our loft and it is nestled between all the kids' bedrooms.

This is my desk and I absolutely love this hutch. It stores so many things, and they are right at my fingertips. Up in the top right cabinet I keep my Taylored Expressions stamps, my Spellbinders dies, and all my craft magazines. In the other cabinet I have markers and other embellishments.

I like to keep items I use most often right on my desk so I can easily grab them and put them away. I bought 2 Magpie Black Nesting Storage Systems to store my Copic Markers, ink pads, rhinestones and some die cut templates. I've been looking everywhere for the little tins that go inside, but I'm thinking they've stopped manufacturing them - they are nowhere!! I still have compartments to fill too! My husband bought a wallet not too long ago, so I stole the box it came and now I use it to hold my Stickles, Liquid Pearls, and other items that tend to get lost in the shuffle.

I have a very tall bookshelf that has closed doors on the bottom where I store all sorts of odds and ends that I don't get out very often and on the shelves I have all my stamps, photo albums, and a box to hold all the cards I have for sale. Oh, my beautiful children are featured there as well!

Last, here is where I store all my card stock. I organize all the paper by color - each color has its own hanging file, and in that file is a manilla file folder where I keep the scrap pieces of that color. The folder is labeled with the color name and little card stock circle for easy reference. This has been the best way I've found to keep me organized - love it! My daughter knows the system too, so she's great at finding what she needs and putting the pieces back where she found them.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!


  1. That space is my dream come true!

  2. VERY nice!! I am jealous!! I had a craft room, but then I talked my hubby into moving, now I just have a corner in the unfinished basement!! Some day I'll have a room again! By the way, your room looks really nice!

  3. I envy you!!! It looks beautiful!
    I'm so happy for you!

  4. Your space looks great!! Is there an extra chair for me? I'll be right over sista!

  5. Oh my goodness! For some reason, I've never been up in your loft to see your new space! This is the exact furniture Matt wants to get for his office someday! We love the black with the dark wood, and he really wants a desk with a return. Very cool. He'll be so jealous. ;)

  6. Oh, this is beautiful. What a lucky gal you are!!! I'd take the stereo just to have the room & furniture!!!
    Someday, someday....mine might look like that!

  7. You have beautiful furniture! Love your new workspace!!


  8. OH MY!!!! This is unbelievably AWESOME and AMAZING!!! I'm coming over to play!!!!
    Really it's GORGEOUS and look how NEAT you are.

    xx SJ