June 15, 2010

Going the Distance

It has been a loooong time since I've posted a scrapbook page {OK, it's been a long time since I've actually made one, let's get real here} and I was going through photos and found these little cuties.  My son, he's such a character.  The kids were out front playing and Andrew decided to race all his little plastic cars and trucks down the driveway, but he didn't just set them up and go - each car had it's assigned place.  He was cracking me up!  Asking me to help him and then redoing everything when I finished {kind of like me reloading the dishwasher to make things fit better - you know what I mean...}.  Sometimes I just want to mess with him and switch a car last minute. hehe!  Bad mom.  What I love about these pictures is how he has chalk all over his legs and skinned up knees and a Buzz Lightyear bandage on his Fred Flintstone foot - he's all boy and so proud of his flip flops, haha!

Anyone else struggle with journaling?  I'm not known for my brilliantly written blog posts, so why should my scrapbook pages be any different?  My vocabulary consists of "cute, adorable, gorgeous, brilliant, and beautiful".  Call it the curse of a math major.  hahaha!  So instead of writing my own journaling, I thought I'd use the lyrics from Going the Distance by Cake - pure genius, right?  Ok, maybe not, but my husband got a chuckle out of it.  Anyway, until I can think of something "brilliant" to write in that huge journaling space, I'll keep this :)  That's the great thing about digi scrapping!  Until you print it, you can change it up.

The layout is a clip-able 2-page layout from Jessica Sprague - I grab these up when she puts them on sale for $1 on One Buck Wednesdays!  Seriously, these are such a time saver!  The paper kit is Rambunctious by Julie Billingsley which is so completely "adorable" for boys!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is such an awesome set of pages! Love the pictures!

  2. This is ADORABLE!!! Love the little story and I think you're so clever to use lyrics from a song for journalling!!!

  3. Wow, great page Karen, just love it when kids do something like this - they get so engrossed in their little world :-) Know what you mean about journalling - I worry that mine is slushy, contrite or oversentimental, but hey I'm doing something with my pictures and not taking them saving them to the computer never to be looked at again so I write what I like and don't worry about it so much now :-) Love the idea of song lyrics though - fab idea. Sue xx

  4. Hi Karen,
    I love what you created! The pictures of your little guy are adorable. I like that he's wearing a bike helmet.