March 24, 2010


Now this is the kind of homework I love!  This is my assignment from lesson 2 from Up & Running With Photoshop.  I think what I have enjoyed most about finishing this little course is going through all these photos I have - just seeing how much the kids have changed, even in one year, leaves me full of emotion.  These photos are from the same park trip of my previous digital post, but this one is for Andrew.   He is my active boy - constantly running around the park, going nowhere in particular.  I finally gave up trying to get pictures of him and sat down on this little retaining wall.  Then along came Andrew, jumped over my lap and kept on going.  This is the shot I got of him as he was running away.  It's one of my favorites.

The layout is from a book I picked up called scrapbook page|maps by Becky Fleck, and it is filled with amazing layouts and ideas.  I bought it to inspire me to scrapbook on a regular basis, but it's impossible for me to find the time anymore - but these little digi pages are perfect!  No mess to clean up at the end and if I don't like the way a paper looks, I just delete it and find another one.  I always get caught up with the little details and then get frustrated and give up.  LOL!

I'll have more from my class again soon...


  1. What a FUN page!!! You're so clever..I'm gonna dig out my pagemaps book for digi layouts too!!!

  2. You are so inspiring with your gorgeous scrapbook pages! I'm so terribly behind with pics and have never tried the digital method afraid to try after it took me an eternity to figure out how to add a watermark - lol!

  3. He is too cute :D My little guy has more energy than all of us put together so I can relate LOL! Great layout and glad you are enjoying your class.

  4. This is so adorable! Thank you for sharing it with us. Such a cute little guy!