January 17, 2009

the journey continues...

As I start my second year of blogging *gasp* I want to ask you a question - Would you like to see challenges here on my blog every week? If so, what would you like to participate in? What would you like to see more of? This year I want to kick it up a notch for myself and for all of you, so please give me your thoughts and ideas, they will be greatly appreciated!

Ok, off to stamp!


  1. I love sketch challenges the best--they always jump start my creativity! I love inspiration pieces, too!

  2. Oh I've been reading your blog for awhile now & I love it all! If given enough time, I would participate in your challenges too :)

  3. Hi Karen,

    I love sketch challenges, and I love your design style. I hope to be back to post a card for your first challenge! Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. I'm new to your blog and am SO enjoying it! mmm, challenges...I see so many and they intimidate me a bit; I've only participated in one or two so my vote would be 'no'. I enjoy seeing a completed card and saying 'I can do something like that, only change the sentiment, and use......etc etc'. No matter what you do, I'm sure I'll enjoy your 'up a notch' blog for the new year.

  5. Challenges yes please!! I love challenges. I would love to see challenges on your site. i love your work and would love to participate in your challenges. I love the first sketch you have done. i hope to be back to participate.



  6. Hi Karen. I love your blog and just love seeing your work - I really like your design style - so whatever you do is great with me. Personally challenges are one of those things that I would love to participate in but can't seem to find the time but MY challenge for the year is to do just that - find the time to do some - so if you put some up, I will try and give it a go.