December 4, 2008

business boost

Yes, I am in serious need of a business boost and so now I am just shamefully promoting it here on my blog, ha! Seriously though, I absolutely LOVE Stampin' Up! products and use them almost exclusively, however it's getting more and more difficult to remain a hobby demonstrator (I usually only stay active by purchasing items for myself or holding occasional classes in my home) and since Stampin' Up! has so graciously added an online store, I thought I would use my demonstrator website to see if anyone out there would be interested in shopping through my website. This is the ONLY time I'll be mentioning it in my blog posts. From now on I'll be displaying promotions and specials in my blog margins. I know many of you come to my blog for inspiration and ideas, not to be hit up to buy things, and I respect that.

So, with all that being said, here is the link to my website You can go to the online store by clicking on the 'Shop Now' button in the top right corner.

I would love to see if I can give discounts online, but I'm not intirely sure that is possible or legal, so I'll check it out and post information in the margins later. This is all so new to me, so please excuse the bumps along the way and feel free to email me if something isn't working correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are currently purchasing merchandise from another Stampin' Up! demonstrator, please stay loyal to her/him. I am in no way wanting to steal customers.

Okay - I'll get to stamping and hopefully be able to post something for you later this afternoon.



  1. Rock on, Girlfriend! I hope you get lots of new customers!

  2. Hi Karen,
    I dont know whether you have thought about doing a 'stamps by mail' whereby you pick a stamp set and coordinating embelishments (dsp, flower fusions etc..) and design cards for people to make at home? Just a thought. Some of the demonstrators in Australia have been doing this for a little while. It is a lot of fun (for us people making them - dont know about the I can direct you to some of the demonstrators web pages if you like. Its just that your cards are absolutely gorgeous and I am sure there are many people out there that would love to learn your techniques :)

  3. Hi Karen, I totally understand the need for a business boost. I am also a hobby demonstrator. I hold classes once a month and don't usually do home workshops, but I will if the opportunity arrises. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog. Stop by to get details. Have a great day!!