January 14, 2008

Getting Organized...

I had my MOPS post Christmas white elephant gift exchange last night and had a blast. These ladies give the funniest gifts and I'm going to keep a lookout for something big and hideous for next year. My gift I brought just didn't cut it next to the sauna suit, the enormous sofa picture, the camoflauge santa hat, or the uh.. beautiful purple porcelain unicorn head (with gold glitter to boot!) The show stopper was a pair of wooden shoes, straight from Holland. What? I wish I had brought my camera! The gift I managed to open was three little booklets "for dummies". How appropriate... One was for taking digital pictures, the other was for 10 minute tone-ups and the last was organizing.

So on this note, I give you my attempt at organizing my cards. I found this CD holder at Target about a year ago and thought it would be perfect to bring all my swaps to my Stampin' Up! workshops. Now I'm thinking I'd like to use it just to keep some cards on hand, you know, Karen's Hallmark or something. The files are pretty straight forward - I used the Key Tag punch from Stampin' Up! and made the labels and used American Crafts "Rue" rub-on for the titles. I think I need to make one more for baby cards because there seems to be quite the boom lately. When I store my cards, I put them in clear envelopes and that way they don't get dusty, the embellishments don't fall off, and I can see what I have at a glance. I'm hoping now I can just grab a card and mail it when I need it, but for now I'm just trying to keep up with all the January birthdays!


  1. your cards are too cute and I love the cd holder idea..!

  2. Very cute Karen!! I'll have to keep my eye out for a cute box like that. What I'd like to know is when you have the time to do all this????

  3. I have a similar system, but I love the idea of clean envelopes. Where do you get yours?