June 24, 2010

Center of Attention Product Spotlight - Liquid Adhesives

Each month, part of the Baker's Dozen participates in a product focus and this month we're shining the spotlight on liquid adhesives.  Everyone has a favorite and we're here to show you adhesives some of you may be familiar with as well as some that you may not be so familiar with.  As a bonus, each of the liquid adhesives are 15% off in the TE store through June 27th!

My focus is on Tombo Multi Liquid Glue - one of my absolute favorite adhesives to use with chipboard as well as those small embellishments like Multi-color Twinkles.  Not only will it work perfectly with chipboard, but it works brilliantly adhering paper to metal, like alterable tins.  It can work as both a permanent glue as well as a repositional adhesive, which comes in handy with stencils!  The reason I love using Tombo Multi on chipboard is its incredibly forgiving nature - you can add all the glue you need and then wiggle the chipboard in place, spreading the glue out evenly over the chipboard and paper.

I like that it doesn't set instantly, but it still dries quickly so I can begin filing the cardstock edges smooth.  The wide angled applicator makes it extremely quick and easy to cover large areas and the small applicator tip gives you more control for those tiny embellishments or small letters, which I'll show you in just a second.  Another bonus with this adhesive is a little goes a long way!

I made a little chipboard tag album to show you and I used the Tombo Multi on everything - the cardstock, patterned paper, photos, and Twinkles.
To adhere the letters down, I added just a few dots of glue and then wiggled the cardstock into place.  The glue dries clear, so if it oozes out from underneath the paper, you can let it dry and wipe it away later.  I don't recommend wiping it clear when the glue is still wet, as it will stay on your fingers and is incredibly sticky.  I added little dots of glue for the Twinkles and used tweezers to apply them to the glue.  Again, lots of wiggle time, so you can adjust the spacing until the glue sets.

Alright, so the story behind "hi.  it's me Andrew" is my incredibly adorable son, coincidentally named Andrew, is such a funny little guy.  He has this crazy habit of walking into the room and getting my attention by saying - you guessed it, "Hi.  It's me, Andrew."  hahahaha!  I thought that would be the BEST title for this little brag book.  I cut the letters out using my brand spanking new Silhouette SD {the fonts are Bambi Bold, Brody, and CK Racer} and I also added a little 4 to the tag since this sweet little guy is, yep, 4.  The book is very clean and simple, not a lot of fluff.  I love it.  Here are the different tags:

This adorable little guy was helping me practice taking photos for my photography class - this is when he was still cooperating.  He broke down in tears later...

My husband summed this one up best:  Thought bubble.... I love you ice cream.  mmmm.

One of my favorite little moments - you may have seen this photo before *wink*

Andrew's first pony ride at a birthday party.  I know, right?!!  I thought that was only in fairy tales too!

Doggie.  He's the bestest sleepy time pal and general make-you-feel-better love pet.

Don't forget about the rest of the product focus gang!  They have some amazing projects for you too!

Thanks for stopping by!

recipe -
paper: bazzill textured cardstock, fly a kite (october afternoon)
accessories: tag mini album (maya road), multi-colored twinkles, ribbon, tombo multi adhesive


  1. FABULOUS!!!! Absolutely FABULOUS!!! Now this explains the photo of the desk, but I'm curious.. did you loose the tweezers BEFORE or AFTER the Twinkle placement??? bwhahahah.
    No really this is SO sweet.. I LOVE it. AND.. I'm curious.. VERY VERY curious about this NEW TOY you have.. do share!!!

    xx Sar

  2. This is absolutely stunning - what a fantastic book! He is so sweet too

  3. Karen this is absolutely fabulous girl - do you mind if I CASE? I love this!!! And, I use that glue all the time :-) *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  4. Adorable book!

    I LOVE Mono Multi...I actually use it for Everything, every card I make is held together with Mono and I have Never had an old one fall apart!

  5. Oh Karen.....
    you are too much! Love this. The colors, the ribbons, the simplicity...and the title is too adorable! you rock!!

  6. LOVE, love, LOVE this chipboard album! So adorable -
    PLUS Tombo liquid glue is the BEST glue ever! I use it everyday!!

  7. OMG!!! What a sweet book for a sweet little guy! I LOVE the story of the title!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, Karen! That is THE CUTEST book ever! I LOVE it!

  9. Thanks for the info on the glue. I will have to try it.
    I love the tag book it is wonderful. The pictures are perfect.
    I need a review on paper cutters. Do you have one on that?

  10. These tags are awesome, Karen! What a cute photos, too.

  11. Oh my goodness...we have a doggie too!! Wonderful creations!!