January 24, 2015

Watermarks Are Now Available!

I'm so excited to be introducing some new watermarks! I have 5 watermarks available at the moment, 4 are new and one is a customer favorite, so I'm bringing that one back for you. My watermarks definitely needed to be updated and I have a variety of trendy styles that should please most crafters.

Some things to remember when you order:
  1. I will make your watermark exactly as you type it in the order. So please double check to see that you have added correct information.
  2. I personally think a web address looks more professional and pretty when you omit the "http://" as well as the "/" at the end. The watermarks will not allow anyone to click on them and send them to your website, so you may want to keep that extra stuff out of there. Again, just my opinion.
  3. All watermarks will be offered in white. I am no longer making watermarks in various colors.
  4. You will need a photo editing software that allows you to layer images. 
    1. PicMonkey - with a TUTORIAL. PicMonkey works in your internet browser.
    2. Picasa - software download with a TUTORIAL
    3. GIMP - software download with a TUTORIAL
    4. FotoFlexer - works in your browser
Thank you so much for your patience while I got myself reorganized and settled with my new computer. I do hope to have more watermarks to offer soon, and as always, I'm happy to hear any requests you may have.

Choose your watermark
Enter your name
Enter your website

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. GREAT to see some more Watermarks. I just ordered three :-)

    Jocelyn x

  2. Yippee! Just added to my collection of lovely Karen Giron watermarks. Thank you. :)

  3. Thank you...I've been needing a great watermark!:-)

  4. You used to make watermarks for holidays. I purchased a few, but when my computer crashed I lost them. Are you making any of those soon?

    1. I will make more in the future. I did like the Christmas ornaments and Valentine’s icons, so I’ll bring them back :)


  5. I've wanted a watermark for a long time and now I'll have one! Thank you :)

  6. I was recommended to you by a fellow crafter. I have just ordered two watermarks to start with. Thank you in advance Karen.