January 17, 2011

My 365 Project | Week 2

It's week 2 - here's what's been goin' on....

The photos in the grid aren't necessarily in order of days of the week; I had to put the photos in the boxes they fit in best.  I'm sure you can figure out which day is which from the descriptions though *wink*

Day 8: City Park.  I had a little photo shoot this morning at City Park and I arrived early, so I wandered around and took pictures of random things. This shot is one of my favorites. It was so isolated there.

Day 9: Digging Out.  We had our first big snow of the season last night and now it finally feels like winter in Colorado. I chose this photo today because it shows how spazzy my husband is when the camera is in front of him. Definitely makes me laugh!

Day 10: DS Before Bedtime.  I asked my daughter what picture I should take today and she wanted one of her playing her DS. We turned off the lights and captured the glow on her face and got this spooky effect.

Day 11: Chillin'.  Stopped at Noodles today for some lunch and crazy looks.  Also, I have to add this too because this boy makes me laugh more than anyone. When were were eating lunch, he got a little mac & cheese drooble on his shirt and I wiped it off with my finger and told him to eat it. He says to me, "But Mom, that will taste like shirt!"
Not even makin' it up.

Day 12: The Witching Hour.  It's the time of day when the complaints of hunger and boredom come pouring out and the only cure is a little computer time.

Day 13: Will It Ever End?  The gigantor pile of laundry that somehow seems to gain new life each and every week. Maybe this will be the week I actually put it all away before the evil cycle starts again? Hmm.....

Day 14: Lazy Fridays.  Today was pajama day at preschool and we just kept them on all day, fought a few bad guys and saved the world.


  1. These are precious, Karen! Love the "taste like shirt" comment LOL! Keep a journal with all those cute sayings - they are so much fun to go back and read and the kids love hearing them too :)

  2. Awesome photo collage. What I love is that you're not afraid to take pictures of ordinary things like (laundry piles). Loved the bench photo.

  3. I am lovin' your photo journals - wish I had the patience and creativity to do one x
    I esp' love the "tastes like shirt" comment too - priceless and I think all mums everywhere understand the laundry pile and that time when hunger and tiredness combine to create an unhappy household !
    Thanks so much for sharing with us all x
    ((hugs)) Suzie

  4. I love your 365 project - I look foward to the rest of the year!
    And love the 'taste like shirt' bit that was definitely cute.

  5. Way to go with the photos!!! I REALLY hope you keep it up all year long because I totally look forward to your weekly post!! LOVE all the park benches!!!

  6. girl - you are an inspiration - for real! i love love love your weekly photo slices of life - i love andrew's shirt comment - so funny! i love each an every shot and the story behind it! ! you are awesome dearest karen!
    big hugs!