September 30, 2009

Stampin' Up! news

I'm sure many of you have heard the news that Stampin' Up! has changed the demonstrator contract and I'm heartbroken to announce that I'll be hanging up my demonstrator hat today. I have been in love with Stampin' Up! products from the day I went to my first workshop and only a few months after that I became a demonstrator. I had the great privilege to attend convention in 2005 with my upline and sister stampers and it was one of the best experiences I've had. {Hi girls! - Do any of you have the picture of all of us in front of the VW Bus???} I have wanted to attend others and was so upset that I couldn't attend the convention in Denver (hello - that's my backyard!!), but I was big and prego and penny pinching... anyway...

I've had an amazing stamping journey and it has led me to be on an amazing design team for Taylored Expressions. What a dream come true! And then last month to be added to the Dirty Dozen was beyond thrilling! I'm a hobby demonstrator and I can't justify boxing myself into a corner with one company - not able to spread my wings and fly when I'm not actively selling Stampin' Up! products. As I find more fabulous stamping products, I want to be able to share them with all of you {smile}!

I know many of you who visit my blog are Stampin' Up! demonstrators and I do hope you will continue to stop by and say hello because I sure do value your kind words and encouragement. You can bet I'll continue to use Stampin' Up! products here on my blog - I love them too much not to and one lucky demonstrator will make some $$ off of my addiction, lol!

Thank you so much for listening to my ramblings.

Happy stamping!


  1. you are not the only one thats doing this and leaving them,
    its such a shame,
    I wish you luck in whatever you do,
    there is life after SU

  2. So sorry you are having to make this decision! Can't blame you, your DT work is wonderful and such an honor. You bet I will continue to visit and ogle you awesome creations! Best of luck in all you do!

    Thanks so much!!!


  3. Gotta like having permission to stalk!!! haha!!

    Congrats on your decision--I'm sure it was a tough one!

  4. of course I will be by to see your inspiring work whether you use SU! or not and there are so many other grand products out there and you are so talented it would be silly to limit it to one product!!!

  5. I have been following your blog 4eva, and sorry that SU! have made their demos decide between them and other companies. It hasn't happened here in OZ. Yet!

    Ange :)

  6. I can't even imagine what SU is thinking? I don't know anyone who has become independently wealthy from selling SU other than the owners. The small discount is nice BUT being affiliated with other up & coming companies I can only imagine is incredible rewarding in itself!!! :) I love visiting your blog & find great inspiration & I love that it is not ALL SU driven. We Americans welcome competition after all! :)

  7. Hi Karen!
    I completely understand why you are leaving your SU demonstratorship and am sad that you had to choose. I wish you much luck in your future endeavors-su or not! ;)

  8. Karen-
    I can certainly sympathize, since I'm in the same boat, but certainly don't have as much to lose as you! I'll continue to love you & your blog, no matter what! I caved & signed the new IDA... guess I'm just not ready to let go yet~ LOL!

  9. This has been a tough decision for many and I'm not sure SU thought this one through too well before they made their announcement....only time will tell how it works out for them. Agree with your decision and look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations :D

  10. Gorgeous Karen!!! So very sad isn't it.... BUT on the positive you have been given such AMAZING and WONDERFUL opportunities. You are such an amazing and BEAUTIFUL papercrafter, stamper and person, and I am so very lucky to have met you (in BLOGLAND.. in person one day soon i hope!!) and to have been a part of your fabulous SU! journey. Your cards are alway GORGEOUS and you can count on me to be sitting here in my front row 'BLOG' seats cheering you on in whatever direction this wonderful hobby we have takes you.

    Love Sar

  11. It's sad all the demos that will be is my last day as well!!
    All the best:)

  12. Very sad Karen but you are being positive and I for one will definitely be still following your blog and wishing you the very best for more opportunities to come your way.

  13. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? I am staying a demo but still playing with and sharing my projects on my blog. I love your sketches and artwork so I'll still be following your blog! :o)

  14. Well, my wings are sprouting and flying away from SU as well. I have worked hard, learned and have decided I just love stamping and with many products. It feels strange to let go, but I'm sure we will look back and say we had a good experience but the sky is the limit ahead. Thanks for sharing your feelings and your work and for inspiring people like me.

  15. Hi Karen,
    I'm not a SU! demo, but I completely understand your decision. I think the new IDA will hurt the company. You shouldn't have to limit yourself. I'll still keep coming back to your blog. Have a good one!

  16. I for one have followed your blog since discovering stamping and SU last year! You've always inspired me and I will always enjoy popping in for a visit - I'm one of those quiet visitors that doesn't often comment but has seen each and every post you've done! We in Australia are facing the same decisions about SU and I'm sad to say I'll be leaving too! Love the company and products still but sadly can't be a part of it any more!
    Take care!

  17. Sorry to hear that SU is losing out on you. You are definitely a wonderful inspiration and I have enjoyed coming here for inspiration and will continue to do so. Congrats on all your achievements and DT positions. Follow your will never lead you astray.

  18. I have been visiting your blog for a while, and congrats on making the Dirty Dozen on SCS. Sorry to hear of your decision to drop, but appreciate how classy you were in communicating it. I will continue to visit your blog and happy to hear that while you won't be a demo, you won't be excluding SU products in the future.


  19. Karen, sorry to hear you are having to make this decision. I am a Close to my Heart consultant and I love visiting your blog. Your work is beautiful and I know that it is not just because you use SU products. I have not heard what has caused your decision but it looks like others are making the same decision. It is sad when you leave something you have loved. You sound busy enough without that in your life though. Hope you will be happy in what you are doing. Will be stopping by occasionally to check out your artwork. Be Happy.

  20. Karen, your decision comes as no surprise to me as it is the one many demos are being forced to make I think. I am an Australian hobby demo and when they bring the same IDA to us (which I'm assuming they will) I will have to stand down too...there is just too much wonderful variety out there that I can't turn my back on. Cheers to you! I'll still love to visit as always!

  21. Hi Karen! I made the same decision you did about SU. Thank you for sharing your story!

  22. Very classy explanation of leaving SU! Your work is lovely and an inspiration to so many. Good luck and enjoy what is around this next curve in Life!

  23. Omgosh Karen.....I have been out of the blogging loop for some time has thrown me some curve balls and only go on to check my important emails. I am so sorry to see you leave SU. It must have been a very hard decision. I too love SU but I am not graced with the stamping creativity that someone would want me on their team so I have no worries. I am in between a hobby and a working demo (not for the lack of trying that is for sure. My area is saturated with demos) so if you ever need anything JUST email or call me.

    Looking forward to all your designs that I can incorporate SU products with.

    Wishing you a happy journey!

    Inky Hugs,