July 23, 2009

super simple

Hi! I'm trying to organize ALL of my paper, what a task that is turning out to be. I'm so overwhelmed with it all and am not entirely sure how to organize it - by paper packet, by color, by retired/not retired??? Any suggestions? What works best for you? Right now, mine is all in those little paper holders SU sells and it's a jumbled mess, even with the dividers, lol!
edited: I guess I should have said it is my designer paper that is a disaster, lol! My card stock is organized in hanging files - the scraps are in a file folder and the whole sheets are behind it, all inside a hanging file. My designer paper is in the paper holders and all over the place - so I'm all ears in hearing what you have done to organize your designer paper :) I've heard that it is easier to organize your designer paper by color, not DSP packs and I'm wondering if this is the direction I need to go in? When I need a piece of Old Olive patterned paper, it would be easier to go to my Green bin instead of sorting through all the paper packs, right? Sigh... I don't know what to do... Like I said, I'm all ears.

So I took a little break from the chaos and whipped up a really super simple card. This card took me about 5 minutes, seriously! It's taking way more time to photograph it and post it than it did to make it and clean up - that never happens to me.

I started off by running my card stock through the Cuttlebug with the biggest square Nestabilities and then used my Stamp-a-ma-jig to postition the tree and sentiment. I stamped the tree in Close To Cocoa and then colored the leaves in Old Olive. D-O-N-E!

Have a fabulous day! I'll be back tonight with the winner of this week's sketch challenge - you still have 10 hours to finish yours, *wink*.


recipe -
stamps: thoughts & prayers
ink: close to cocoa, old olive
paper: kraft card stock
accessories: square nestabilities


  1. This is just sooo stunning! I love it. Love the colour and trees are just the BEST! Love, Clare x

  2. Love the card, Karen....I have all my SU paper in haning files on a rolling cart, with two trays/drawers under the files that I use to stash paper I use but don't have time to file/put away properly. My problem, though is all the patterned paper I have, it's a mess, there's too much of it, and I need a way to store it so I know what I have....every once in a while I go through it and can't believe all that I have....it's like Christmas! Have any great ideas for that?

  3. Karen,
    I LOVE your super simple card. Sometimes, like they say, less is more!
    As far as paper organization, I use a hanging file cart I got at Target. I have so much new paper though, that I need to get another one. It is a lot easier to work though when you're organized.
    Good luck with that.

  4. I love SU stuff. I've organized, reorganized and then moved things around again. I keep my papers sorted by color families. Of course you'll always use colors from other families but as the seasons change you already have a pallet of colors together.

    Fantastic card. I always love to see what you are up too.

  5. This is a great card! I love simple!! I don't have any great suggestions for paper. I have all of mine in those 12x12 rubbermaid things. I just have them labeled on the outside with like... Christmas, Holiday (other than Christmas... it needs a whole drawer), Misc., Basic Grey, Cosmo Cricket, SU, etc.. but I am assuming you have a ton of SU so... sorry I couldn't be of more help! :) I have been pretty good at rambling though! :)

  6. GORGEOUS Karen.... really GORGEOUS. As for organising my paper... PLEASE, PLEASE.... PLEEEEAAASEE... let me know when you've found a system that works... mine is... well, mine is..just, just ... hmmmm.... I think I need help!!! hahaha.

    Hope you are well.

    xx SJ

  7. Hi, Karen, this card is so beautiful in its simplicity!! Love it!

    In regards to paper, I'm like you (although likely on a MUCH smaller scale LOL) with my DSP in those plastic 12x12 paper holders. Organizing by color family sounds good but the only danger I think I would run into personlly is trying to remember which designer paper group it belongs to when you describe it on your card receipe. It's just what occurred to me. Rolling hanging files might be a very good idea for large volumes of DSP, if you have the space.

  8. Keep your dsp in their pkg. Then use the SU! 3x3 dsp sampler to select a color or pattern. It's definitely easier and faster than going through each pkg individually.

    :) Dawn N

  9. when you find a great tip for keeping that paper organized let me know, mine is a HUGE mess! I love the siplicity of your card!

  10. Try using the Cropper Hopper paper holders... they're a nice weight plastic, hold 12 x 12 paper and simply scrappin' sets well, and have a tab if you want to use it. I'm in the process of organizing mine. I'll stand them in one of those cloth basket things you can get about anywhere. Good luck.
    PS I also keep the page that comes with the DP and write the colors that go with that pack on it.

  11. That's IT! I'm not ordering anymore SU without getting this set. I love it so, and I love your card!!