July 16, 2009

adding a watermark using GIMP

I have a watermark tutorial for you today and I want to show you how to layer a watermark on top of a photo using a free program called GIMP. If you are wanting a decent photo editing program, this is a good place to start - you can download it at http://www.gimp.org/.

When you open GIMP, this is what it looks like. It layers on top of your desktop.

First, you'll need to open your photograph as well as your watermark.

Select your watermark and you will see it in the layers bin on the right of your screen. Click on the watermark layer in the layers bin and drag it over your photograph.

The watermark will now be in the center (most likely) of your photo.

To move the watermark, click on the 'move' tool in the toolbox. I have it selected here.

Make sure the "move selected layer" button is marked and then click and drag your watermark to move it.

To make your watermark larger (or smaller), click on the 'scale' tool in the toolbox. I have it selected here.

Be sure to select the "keep aspect" button at the bottom of the toolbox and then click on the corner of your watermark. This dialog box will appear.

Click "Scale" in the dialog box once your watermark is at the size you like.

Go to File: Save. Be sure to select "Flatten Image" in the dialog box. Click 'Export'.

Now you can click "Save".

I hope you find this tutorial helpful.



  1. Karen, you ROCK!!! I need to order a few watermarks from you. This is a great tutorial!!

  2. Thanks for the great tutorial and in pointing us in the direction of something free to use. With this, I'm all set to purchase a watermark from you. I've wanted to before but haven't because I didn't know what to do with it.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial Karen. I am pleased to say that I managed to download gimp and get my watermark (purchased from you) on my pictures - albeit with much frustration and cursing, but it is a relief to know I'm doing it right!

  4. Karen this is awesome! I can't thank you enough. I was going to go out and purchase Photoshop today just so I coud use my new watermark. Now I have more $$ for stamps - Yay!!!

  5. This tutorial was sooooo helpful! I bought 2 watermarks from you months ago but couldn't figure out the layers thing. Now I've got them on my photos and they look great. Thank you so much. You do rock!

  6. I am up to the save part and it does not have a flatten image option. Instead, it says jpeg plug in can't handle transparency. Any clue? Janet

  7. Thank you Karen...I have been able to save and figure out how to use Photoshop from your directions. I have added my watermark to my newest image and have posted it to my blog. I have linked to here..so I hope more people will take advantage of your watermarks. Thanks again.

  8. This is so helpful, thanks for the link to gimp and the great tutorial!

  9. I am so thankful that you posted this as I have wanted to add a watermark for quite some time.

    My only question is, how do you create your watermark? Thanks for your help Karen.

  10. Thanks for this tutorial Karen!! Very helpful... Michelle :)

  11. Thank you so much Karen! I had asked you questions before about getting a watermark, now I know that my program (GIMP) will put the watermarks on the pics! Now I'll have to check out your watermarks and buy one from you! Thanks so much! :)

  12. Karen- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This tutorial is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!! I have been making my watermark for EVERY CARD - I think you have saved me so much time!! I seriously can not thank you enough!!

    P.S. I got your blog from Silke!
    Thank you!!

  13. This tutorial was soooo helpful. Thanks so much.

  14. Karen, I just bought a watermark from you... I am assuming you will email it to me once you create it with my information. My only question is other than using the free software mentioned in this post is... Can I use it with iwatermark? I purchased it for $20 not too long ago and it is so easy to upload the already stored watermarks onto my pictures with the click of a button. Do you know if I can add your watermark to theirs or do you think I will have to go thru this process using gimp? (If I do, then consider the $2 a donation towards your business, LOL!)

  15. Awesome!! I just got the two you made me and used GIMP to add them! It rocked!! I'll be linking you up tomorrow on my blog!! Thank you!!

  16. Hi Karen~

    Received my watermark from you...perfect by the way! Loved the tutorial for Gimp....got it downloaded and watermarked my pictures!!

    Do you do banners for blogs/etsy shops?


  17. I have downloaded GIMP and will use your tutorial to add my watermark.
    Thanks a bunch x

    hugs sally x

  18. I can't tell you how helpful this tutorial has been for me. I couldn't figure out how to use my watermark, and I searched so many sites to get help. Yours was the best. Thank you:)

  19. Hey Karen, this is great tutorial!

    I posted a link to it tonight on the Make It Crafty Facebook Group.

    MiC sell digital scenery stamps, along with digital character stamps and rubber/clear stamps, which means many of us new to digital stamps are using GIMP to merge characters and background components together.

    Your tutorial could save many of us from posting unprotected photos on our blogs and the MiC Gallery.

    So again, Thank You for the tutorial and I'm happy to have found your blog and am now a follower too. Aussie hugs, Melanie x

  20. Karen,

    What a great tutorial! It's so easy to follow. I downloaded GIMP in order to add a watermark to my blog photos. Until I become more versed in photo editing, I'm holding off on purchasing Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.

    I'm wondering if you have gone ahead with purchasing a software or you are able to get by with GIMP.

    Great blog! Will be back for sure.