October 31, 2008

happy halloween

Happy Halloween from bright, sunshiny Colorado. I don't know when it was the last time we had almost 80 degree weather here on Halloween. Usually it's bright and sunny until the day before Halloween and then BAM - it snows for the big day.
So we took advantage of the warm weather and had a full day of candy-grabbing fun. Poor Andrew and Katie were sweating in their warm fuzzy costumes, but Avery had it right with her Minnie Mouse once the morning warmed up.
Thanks for letting me show off my little monkeys - we had a fantastic day!
Avery & Andrew

Andrew Dino

Katie Sunflower



  1. They all look so adorable! I just love Katie's costume with her rosy cheeks and Andrew's Dino costume. Hope they had lots of fun and collected lots of candy.

  2. your little monkeys are just adorable, thanks for sharing :)