May 22, 2008

a very frightening morning

This morning has been crazy here - we had 6 tornados in the area, so we spent the morning in the basement. Windsor, the town just to the east of Fort Collins was hit the hardest and there are 60,000 without power at the moment. This was such a random storm - first of all, storms here usually go west to east, but this morning they were all moving from east to west as they moved north. Plus, we don't usually get this kind of weather at 10 in the morning - thunderstorms are usually hitting us later in the afternoon. It is pretty freaky. Here is a picture from our local news of the tornado just east of Fort Collins near Windsor. Apparently the big storm is causing new tornados in Laramie WY. It's so bizzare! I've never been in this kind of weather - please send out a prayer for people who have lost their homes, farms and livestock today.

update - ok, here's a story for you. There is a daycare center in Windsor that was evacuated just in time (all the kids and staff went across the street to a bank and took shelter in the bank vault) and when the storm passed, the daycare center was totally demolished. What a fantastic staff to use the bank vault for shelter. All the children and staff are just fine, thank God.

The storms are finally calming down, but they just had another tornado touch down near Johnstown, which is about 20 minutes southeast of me. Yikes! My mom is visiting since yesterday (she lives only about an hour away) - she came up for my daughter's preschool graduation yesterday and can't leave today since the highway is right along all the storms path today. I'm so glad she was here with me today - otherwise I think I'd be a complete mess. My husband works just outside Windsor and his office lost power, but that was all. He's home safe with me and the kids now.

Alright, that's all for now. We're off to play some games and just love on our family.


  1. Oh my goodness,so glad you are all ok! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Wow! I grew up in Tornado Alley (Missouri) and I hate tornadoes! They freak me out--and the movie Twister did nothing to help! I'm glad you're ok and that those daycare workers thought on their feet and chose such a good shelter!

  3. Oh my goodness, and thought i'd had a bad week here in the Uk, it sound absolutely horrific.... i will say a prayer for all of those poor people affected by this terrible weather and next time i'm having a bad week i'll think of this, that will put it all in perspective for me..... Crafty hugs Tina x