April 30, 2008

a visit to the farm

Hello and happy Wednesday - today I don't have any cards or spectacular projects to show you, heh, but we had a fantastic fieldtrip to the Farm with Avery's preschool this afternoon. Andrew was saying Hi to all the animals and I actually got him in action saying hi to the horse. And since it was Avery's trip you'd think her mother would get her in a picture or two, but she didn't get in a single picture! What is up with her mother?! I tried, but it was like trying to take a picture of Dash from the Incredibles. She's over here, over there, running over this way.... Needless to say, she is not in any pictures where you can see her whole face.

These pictures are from the park afterwards and if you notice in the picture of Katie, I didn't really look to see what was in my background - every picture of her has a dirty diaper on the step of the stroller - good grief!

I'll be back soon with another card - thanks for stopping by and letting me show off my cuties (or two of them anyway...bad mom...)


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  1. Oh,those pics are priceless,especially the one with your son and horses!!!!